3 On 1 Trampling Scene Available At BrattyFootGirls.com


BrattyFootGirls.com and its sister site, VersusFetish.com, have several exciting updates sure to have fans jumping for joy. First, on BrattyFootGirls.com, “Naomi, Ivory & Maia – Pure Brutality” features Naomi Swann, Ivory Soles, and Maia Evon, taking trampling, smothering, and domination to the next level. The three women continuously walk across Jason Ninja, jumping up and down, and smothering his face with their feet. Things get really mean when the girls take turns stomping his balls.


Next Bratty Foot Girls popular series, “Size Dimension,” continues with “London Crushing – Ep. 5 Season 1.” British dominatrix, Chloe Lovette, is unaware that the Xanthians are starting to invade Europe, so she has no idea they are in her home. When she returns home, she goes about her daily activities, crushing the Xanthians under her large soles. When she realizes the tiny beings, she takes even greater pleasure crushing them into bits.


Finally, VersusFetish.com sees the release of “Unaware Daddy’s Massacre.” In this fetish scene, geared for gay foot fetish fans, Jason returns home from the gym with his family nowhere to be found. This doesn’t phase him too much, as he uses the quiet home to relax. But, his family has been shrunken and slowly meets their doom as Jason walks around his home, crushing them under feet and ass. Thinking they are bugs, Jason continues to stomp them until not one is left.

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