Adult Performers Estella Bathory and Natassia Dreams Land Historic Award Nomination with Erika Lust’s “Super Femmes”

dult performers Estella Bathory and Natassia Dreams received historic nominations from the upcoming XBIZ Europa Awards for “Super Femmes” directed by Erika Lust. This is the first time in XBIZ Europa Awards’ history where a BBW performer or trans performer were nominated in a non-genre specific category, representing a noteworthy accomplishment for Bathory and Dreams, XBIZ, and growing inclusivity within the adult industry.


“I absolutely loved working for Erika Lust who I really admire as a director, and with both of my incredible co-stars,” says Bathory, an award-winning queer performer and producer from the UK. “As a performer who has, until now, been confined to the ‘BBW’ category, I am truly ecstatic to be nominated within a mainstream XBIZ category for the first time in my career and for my hard work to be recognized in the same category as so many legendary mainstream performers.”


“Super Femmes” directed by Erika Lust is nominated for XBIZ Europa’s “Best Lesbian Sex Scene” Award and stars Estella Bathory, Natassia Dreams, and Luna Corazón. The event’s winners will be announced via live broadcast on October 22, 2020.

“Whilst I have been very lucky to do various mainstream jobs as a queer plus-size performer –

the reality is that my career has involved many doors being shut in my face and I have had to be relentless and work twice as hard,” adds Bathory. “I want companies to know that I am here, I have a lot to offer and I am determined to continue breaking the mold. I am ready to be booked in Europe and the USA.”

Co-star Natassia Dreams shares, “This was one of my favorite movies that I’ve done in my career. I got to work with two beautiful people and we had the freedom from Erika Lust to do what we wanted sexually. I am extremely proud that we were nominated – this the first time in my career as a transgender woman that I have been included in the lesbian category – and I am so excited that we are making history.”

Natassia Dreams is a legendary trans pornstar who has worked for a long list of trans and mainstream studios during her illustrious career. Dreams is also a Transgender Erotica Awards Lifetime Achievement Award recipient and the event’s official red carpet hostess.

“When they told me that I would be a superhero, I immediately got so excited,” adds co-star Luna Corazón. “However, what caught my interest,  was when they told me I would be interacting with both a trans model and a BBW performer. Then I knew that it would be historic!

In mainstream porn, it is rare to have real diversity, especially represented with good, empowering connotations. I am proud of having these ladies working with me, we are moving more towards a reality in porn where diversity and equality walk hand in hand.”

Luna Corazón is a Brazilian performer and cam model who started in 2015.

“‘Super Femmes’ came from a sexual fantasy I received from this girl who dreamed about becoming a superheroine whose mission is to rescue all women who are living cunninlingusless lives,” explains the scene’s director, Erika Lust. “I immediately thought this was such a fun and empowering story to translate into a film! Being a woman doesn’t have to do with what’s in your pants nor being sexy has to do with your body size. If you’re familiar with my work, you may know that I’ve always strived to show and celebrate diversity in my films without fetishizing those bodies that don’t fit into the ‘norm’ dictated by patriarchy. So what better cast than Natassia, Estella, and Luna to smash it? These three powerful girls show us that being a woman cannot be limited to one narrow idea, and that we can be stronger together if we go beyond transphobia, fatphobia, racism, and any useless and harmful stereotypes based on gender. Come join forces with the Super Femmes for some real action against pleasureless sex! If you miss it, then the patriarchal villains will win!”

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