Adult Stars Open Up to Adult Empire About Their ‘Porniest’ Personal Dilemmas


Award-winning online adult retailer and entertainment destination Adult Empire (AE) hooked up with porn’s hottest performers  and discovered what everyone already knew: porn stars aren’t like the rest of us.

In the company’s latest YouTube link, “Porn Stars Reveal Their Porn Star Problems”, AE explored the unique predicaments that adult stars – and only adult stars – find themselves in on a daily basis.

On-the-job hazards are a common problem for stars: “pretending like you didn’t just queef when you did,” said Kendra Sunderland, “and pretending like it doesn’t bother you.”

Missy Martinez gets into a lather about lubricant. “I’ve walked off a set because they didn’t have silicone-based lube,” said Missy Martinez. “Am I an amateur? I can’t work like this!”

For other performers, it’s personal treatment from the public. “Unsolicited dick pictures!” laughed Aidra Fox. “I mean, you probably get them… but I get them maybe about a thousand times a day!” Bonnie Rotten is more succinct: “Constant beratement.”

Maddy O’Reilly observed that the general public isn’t always friendly or accepting of adult industry careers and isn’t afraid to show it. “I made someone very uncomfortable on a plane when they asked me what I did for a living and I told them,” she said, “and I could tell, he was kind of like… like I had just opened a tuna sandwich or something!”

And as for the opposite sex, “We don’t get pickup lines,” said Sadie Santana. “It’s just, ‘I want to cum in your pussy’… can I get like, ‘Are you an angel that fell from the sky?’ Can’t I get that?”

Adult Empire’s accomplishments as a brand leader in the industry are unsurpassed, a testament to the company’s commitment to quality and serving its loyal customers.

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