Adult Time Announces Content Partnership, Channel Launch with Korina Kova

Adult Time announces a brand-new content partnership with sexy solo star Korina Kova to distribute the performer’s self-produced erotic vignettes on her Korina Kova channel at
The adult streaming giant launched the raven-haired Canadian beauty’s first scene this past week, ‘Robot Mom’, about a disconnected, unhappy modern mother whose stepson signs her up for an invigorating new program, Step Family Services, in order to bring back her passion as a pleasure-motivated Mommybot.
“I am super excited to launch an official Korina Kova channel on Adult Time,” said the company’s Chief Creative Officer Bree Mills. “Her work is outstanding, creative and a little bit weird … my personal favorite!  I look forward to seeing the exclusive episodes she creates for the Adult Time platform!”
Kova will release four more sizzling solo scenes in September, ‘The Egyptian Cum Goddess’ (out now), ‘DVA’ (9/11), ‘Diner & Size Killer’ (9/14) and ‘Hacker’ (9/17).
“Bree Mills is a major inspiration and idol of mine, and when she reached out to offer me a channel on Adult Time, I jumped with excitement,” said Kova, who writes, produces and shoots her own content. “For me being a solo performer, it feels like a very special opportunity to be alongside studios and names that I really admire – it’s an accomplishment of its own.
“I want my fans to get behind me on this new adventure, I can see myself creating exclusive videos for this platform, and I can’t wait to possibly expand my fan base as well, I am feeling very blessed.”
Fans can find Korina Kova’s new Adult Time channel at Follow @Adulttimecom on Twitter to find out more info and production news.

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