Adult Time Announces Sinful Upcoming Studio That Celebrates Our Wicked Ways

(Montreal, QC / October 20, 2021) – Ready for takeoff January 1st, Adult Time is teasing a bold and decadent new studio that explores the many vices of modern-day life – with more information to come on November 15th, gearing up for the launch on New Year’s Day.
“I don’t want to go into too many details at the moment, but here are a few things I can say,” said Frank Stacy, Adult Time’s Marketing Director. “It’s a new studio, made up of multiple ongoing series tackling various niches; while it’s primarily going to be aimed at a straight audience, it will be our first fully-inclusive product – meaning that the update schedule will include lesbian, bisexual, gay and trans episodes.
“This new studio was engineered to have a wide appeal, and we’re confident that its unique twist on popular porn tropes, raunchy high-energy sexual encounters and star-studded cast will make it a crowd pleaser in no time.”
Stacy added that the dramatic studio, which offers a glossy, sophisticated makeover of adult’s most popular trends, “is the brainchild of Adult Time’s Head of Pre-Production and long-time creative contributor, 3X West. One of Gamma’s most seasoned content experts, West is acting as showrunner for the new studio, while directing duties are shared by a host of talented collaborators including Ricky Greenwood, Anatomik Media, David Lord, and Adult Time’s own Chief Creative Officer Bree Mills.”
Adult Time fans won’t have to wait much longer to find out more about this new studio, as the promo campaign debuting on November 15th is set to answer all questions from fans until the launch date.
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