Adult Time Locks In a Solid New Series with Go Stuck Yourself

Adult Time introduces an all-new series dedicated to the phenomenon of ‘Stuck Porn’ with Go Stuck Yourself, set to capture fans’ imagination on March 24th.
Fun is the name of the game when sexy but clumsy starlets find themselves caught between a rock and a… ahem, hard place. Whether they’re searching for lost jewelry under a couch or bed, fixing a leaky pipe under a sink or realizing they don’t quite fit through the elevator door, they’re going to need a hand getting out of a sticky situation!
“‘Stuck Porn’ is just as ridiculous as it sounds – it’s an unusual trend that we have seen getting quite the traction on tube sites, and this is our take on it,” said Frank Stacy, Adult Time’s Director of Marketing. “Fans that enjoy a side of comedy with their porn, like I do, are in for a treat with this one!”
Produced by the creative team behind Caught Fapping, Go Stuck Yourself makes the most of life’s most awkward and embarrassing situations by treating its viewers to a VERY happy ending. Fans of zany premises and slapstick comedy are sure to become stuck on this latest cheeky series.
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