Adult Time Unveils New Four-Part Docu-Series, Poly Family Life

From the Adult Time Creator Series – and the creative mind of filmmaker AKGINGERSNAPS – comes a 4-part docu-series, Poly Family Life, setting sail November 30th at
The new amateur docu-series is a perfect fit for Adult Time’s Creator Program that highlight’s the streaming giant’s slogan ‘Porn done differently’. Poly Family Life is also the first series created and submitted entirely by a model, a project that is both unique and up-to-the-minute in its design.
“When the COVID pandemic hit, we didn’t want to be quarantined to four walls and a roof. It was about to be summer time in Alaska!” said AKGINGERSNAPS, who co-stars with partners Lana Mars and Smassh. “The most amazing scenery and adventures happen here in the summertime.”
“I have wanted to take a trip like this and just live like nomads for a long time, so COVID and the ability to earn an income remotely as long as we had a stable internet/data connection created the opportunity for us to take the leap into this trip – and we wanted to document and share all of our fun experiences along the way!”
“We quarantined in nature as a family, experiencing so much more enrichment than we would have confined to a house. It brought us closer together as a throuple, which we had hoped for in the beginning… and we wanted to work with Adult Time to showcase our poly life and love!”
Join AKGINGERSNAPS as she explores a refreshingly new definition of what it means to be a family, tagging along with a polyamorous throuple and their friend – all adult performers – as they take an epic journey to show how polyamorous relationships actually work – from the day-to-day challenges of navigating complicated family dynamic to its many benefits and rewards.
Fans can find Poly Family Life on the Adult Time network at, home to the most extensive catalog of award-winning content – with access to over 250 channels, 55,000 episodes and 8+ new releases per day – all in one subscription.

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