Alana Luv Reveals All in Autobiographical Podcast

Russian MILF Alana Luv reveals all about her life on and off camera in a 12-part autobiographical podcast called, “Confessions of a Starr,” with photographer Chris Boone, talking about her time at The Bunny Ranch, her porn career, her Wall Street job and her battles with depression and abusive relationships.

“Confessions of a Starr is my story of how I got in the adult Industry and all my hardships, struggles and relationships. It’s also about how I became stronger and overcame all the pain that made me who I am today,” says Alana. “This project was hard, but at the same time if I can help one girl get out of a domestic abuse situation, I’m happy, it’s all worth it. After all of these years I’m ready to talk about it.”

Her Confession co-star Chris Boone is a longtime friend and associate of Alana’s.

“Chris and I met in LA years ago when he was my photographer,” says Alana. “We remained close friends throughout the years, even though we live in opposite coasts. He is the creator of the Men Don’t Know podcast which I am a frequent guest on and it lead us to collaborate and tell my story in hopes of helping others.”

There will be a new episode every Tuesday and you can listen to the new episode on Apple and Spotify and all major podcast providers.

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