Amberly Rothfield Featured In Mel Magazine

Best-selling business author and experienced content creator Amberly Rothfield continues to weigh in on the decisions made by Visa and Mastercard to terminate transactions with Pornhub, as well as the impact this will have on the industry. Amberly joined APAG, Jiz Lee, and more as part of a recent article in Mel Magazine.


The article titled What Pornhub’s New Regulations Mean for Your Porn Viewing, points to a glaring disparity between the adult industry and the mainstream. The payment networks have turned away from Pornhub but not Facebook, which has significantly more illegal material, and many see this as an excuse to attack the industry.


Jake Hall, the author of the article, also recognizes this decision as an attack on the industry. “Attacks on the porn and sex work industry more generally are nothing new, but the true intentions behind anti-porn campaigns are usually hidden behind a veil of moral panic… When it comes to conversations about change in the industry, it’s vital that they’re led and shaped by the sex workers who will ultimately feel the most severe extent of their impact” they commented.


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