Amberly Rothfield Featured In Rolling Stone

Industry educator and online marking professional Amberly Rothfield has been in the industry for over 16 years and is no stranger to unexpected shocks to the industry. Recent decisions by Visa, Mastercard and Discover can certainly be considered a shock. The decision to terminate transactions with Pornhub will have unintended consequences for individual models.

Amberly voiced her concern in an article written by EJ Dickson for Rolling Stone. The article explores the factors which influenced the payment networks decision as well as the potential effects this decision will have on the industry. One big question many models have is whether these networks will also terminate transactions with other popular platforms which have seen a large increase in users due to the pandemic.


Not one to promote fear, Amberly encourages models to focus on what they can control: building their own website. “ This is big, and it will ripple through the industry and harm smaller creators. Rather than worry, it’s important to take steps to prepare. There is never a better time to start building your own website.” she commented.


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