Artist and Adult Star Zak Smith Appears on Sluts & Scholars Podcast

Released today on sex-positive podcast, Sluts & Scholars, co-hosts Nicoletta and Simone interview artist and adult star, Zak Smith. The episode is now available for download on iTunes and Spotify.

“Zak hilariously describes his journey into art and porn,” said Nicoletta. “His erotic works are unique and amazing; tune in for some insight into his creativity.”

In the latest episode, Erotica Art with Zak Smith, Nicoletta and Simone chat with fellow slutty scholar Zak Smith (also known as Zak Sabbath). The three discuss Smith’s journey of becoming an artist, artistic porn, and what it’s like to straddle (literally) both worlds. To learn more about Zak Smith and his persona Zak Sabbath, visit his website at or follow him on Twitter @ZakSmithSabbath.

For information about the podcast, visit for a full list of episodes.


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