At DickDrainers Sara Jay Can Really Motivate A Troubled Pupil

It’s like “To Sir, With Love” . . . only with more rimming.
 Award-winning adult industry icon Sara Jay lends her legendary erotic talents to a twisted teacher fantasy scene at
Not since Robert Donat walked the quadrangle in “Goodbye, Mr. Chips” and Anne Bancroft used the water pump in “The Miracle Worker” has the screen seen such a beloved and inspiring educator.
Ms. Jay finds teaching to be a very fulfilling career. Helping shape young men’s lives is work that she enjoys. But even so, the work can be pretty challenging. One of the Ms. Jay’s pupils this year is Branden. Sara had taken a liking to Branden at the beginning of the year. Engaged in class, good grades….he really seemed like he was destined for a bright future. But then something changed.
A couple of months ago, Branden stopped participating in class. . .  T\that is, when he even bothered to show up. He went from perfect attendance to coming only once or twice a week. Something was wrong, but whenever Ms. Jay tried to talk to Branden, he handed her some lame excuse. At first she was hopeful that he would snap back to normal. 
But that was before he forgot his bag in her class. Unsure whose it was, she opened it. And that’s when she saw the books with Branden’s name and handwriting on them….and something else: A mask.
Ms. Jay knows what type of students wear those masks: the ones who are on a path to trouble. And she really doesn’t want Branden to go down that path. That’s why Ms. Jay decided to pay him a house call. To make sure that he stays on the right path to a successful future. All he needs is a little motivation.
“Sara Jay is one of the most popular performers in the world today and has been for some time,” noted her co-star, Branden Richards. “For someone to stay that popular for that long means that they’ve got to be good at something…but it just so happens that Sara Jay is good at everything! The fans had been asking for this one, and, judging from the response, they definitely are enjoying it! It was a thrill to shoot with Sara Jay; she was everything I’d imagined and I can’t wait to have her back!”
Sara Jay commented: “Working with Branden was great! Super professional, but also relaxed enough to have some fun! It seems like the fans really liked our scene; hopefully we’ll work together again.”
“Sara Jay’s Motivation Techniques Work Very Well!” has a runtime of 50 minutes and is available for streaming and download at the DickDrainers official website ( ).
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