Aubrey Kate and Will Havoc Star in “A Hard Sell” on

Award-winning performers Aubrey Kate and Will Havoc team up in “A Hard Sell” now live on

“Will and I have worked together more times than I can count and it always looks great on-screen,” said Aubrey Kate. “We’ve been friends for a long time and just have a natural chemistry. He’s one of my favorite people to work with in the industry.”

“It’s always a treat to work with Aubrey,” said Will Havoc. “We’ve been friends for the majority of my porn career and shot together several times. She is obviously sexy, but has a dry sense of humor that makes me chuckle on set. I think our chemistry is obvious, and our off-camera rapport makes her super easy to work with.”

In “A Hard Sell,” Aubrey Kate plays a sexually frustrated housewife who is thrilled when salesman Will Havoc shows up at her door. Havoc’s sales pitch will have to wait because this blonde pin-up girl has only one thing on her mind. See the whole scene at

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