Bailey Brooke Does Unlicensed Therapy & Drinking Dirty in Jersey

Fans of Bailey Brooke can listen to an amazing in-depth interview that the flawless, all natural girl next door did with Unlicensed Therapy and hear her live tonighton Drinking Dirty in Jersey.

Bailey recently did Unlicensed Therapy with Ari Mannis on the StandUpTalk network. The episode is now available for listening. Ari covers many topics with the aspiring starlet, including how she wanted to grace the pages of Playboy at an early age, what porn stars really make, advice to girls who want to get into the industry, how performers can benefit from having a publicist, and much more. The podcast was recorded at the world-famous Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip. Get to know Bailey even better by listening to the podcast at

Tonight, Bailey will be live on Drinking Dirty in Jersey, New Jersey’s first live and uncensored show about craft beer that features controversial topics and guests. Raise a glass and get ready to be entertained by listening to her at 6:45pm PST/9:45pm EST on If you miss the episode, you can download the show on Stitcher for free at

“Unlicensed Therapy was my first podcast and I had an amazing time with Ari,” says Bailey Brooke. “I can’t wait to do Drinking Dirty in Jersey tonight and hope that all my fans will tune in. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I’m ready for a beer quiz, if they have one.”

Bailey Brooke is self-booking. Get her on your set without fees. See what she’s available for and get her stats at Email Bailey for more info.


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