Blake Blossom is Breathtaking in Latest DickDrainers Release

Break-out adult film starlet Blake Blossom headlines the new release from, which finds Branden Richards’ escaped pervert character still on the loose . . . and on a collision course with the busty bombshell.
Blake is beautiful . . . and has brains, too. But for the first time in her life, she’s feeling confused. You see, Blake has a boyfriend, and he’s the greatest: smart, handsome, driven…freaky…. Their relationship has been really good for a while now, but recently he’s started acting a little strange: being distant….snapping at her…hiding his laundry…and avoiding her questions about their future. Frankly, he’s not acting like himself at all. Is he having trouble at work? Is he cheating on her?
All these thoughts are running through her head and pouring out of her mouth as she vents to her best friend over the telephone. So focused is Blake on this conversation, that she doesn’t hear that scraping sound outside her apartment door. . . .
“I’ve told her this myself, but If I closed my eyes and thought: picture the perfect woman….Blake Blossom would pop up,” said her co-star, DD producer Branden Richards. “The bouncy beautiful double Ds….the perfect juicy bubble butt…the supermodel face….the personality…the intelligence…the business savvy. This is a woman who has been in the industry for less than eight months and is already making lots and lots of waves, and is on track to be the next ‘IT’ girl. And she is simply a joy to be around; her energy is awesome. We’ve shot several times (experiencing this flower just once would be a punishment) so you will definitely be seeing lots of her. She’s already one of my favorite people in the industry.”
The sizzling “Sometimes Blake Just Doesn’t Understand Him…“ has a runtime of 54 minutes, and is now available for streaming and download. Check out the scene’s trailer here ( ).
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