Blush Donates to SUNY Planned Parenthood Club Event

Modern Pleasure Products Manufacturer Provides Prizes for 10th Annual Consent & Safe Sex Edu-tainment EventBlush will be providing prizes for the State University of New York at Geneseo’s popular “Sexy Egg Hunt,” held annually by the school’s Planned Parenthood club during spring semester. 

“We hide eggs throughout the Student Union, and finding certain color eggs wins the participant a sex toy of their choice,” explains a Geneseo VOX Voices for Planned Parenthood rep. “Before participants can join the Egg Hunt, they must attend a short, ten-minute talk about consent, so we use the event as a learning opportunity, to reach students who would not attend a consent-themed event on its own.”

Over the course of its ten-year history at SUNY-Geneseo, the “Sexy Egg Hunt” averages more than 300 participating students each year. Because of the politicized nature of Planned Parenthood, the club is self-funded rather than being funded by the university.

“Blush believes all bodies are beautiful, worthy, and deserving of celebration and pleasure,” says Blush’s Marketing Director Ducky DooLittle. “Supporting a student group and a campus event that makes consent a priority is something we are proud to support.”

The 2019 SUNY-Geneseo “Sexy Egg Hunt” will be held this Saturday, April 6 from 9pm-Midnight EST at the MCU Lobby & Fireside Lounge on the university campus. Prizes from Blush Novelties include items from the following lines:

“On behalf of Voices, we thank Blush for their kindness!” continues the VOX rep. “We were absolutely blown away when we received and opened the box; it was definitely more than we were expecting from a single company. We particularly like the cute vibrators and candy-heart butt plugs; we think they’re going to go fast!”

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