Blush Novelties Returns from SuccessfulANME Founders Show



Staff fromNYC-based pleasure products company Blush Novelties are pleased to report a successful exhibition at the semi-annual ANME Founders Show.The world’s premier adult novelty B2B show, the ANME Founders Show represents the latest in the adult novelty and toy industries, featuring adult toys, novelties, lubricants, lingerie, and games.


“ANME provides a perfect venue to reconnect with our longtime friends and established customers, while developing new relationships too!” says Blush Sales Executive Denise Young.


The whole Blush sales team reports a record number of orders written at this ANME Founders Show, with many international customers showing strong interest in the brand. Buyers were enthusiastic about specific lines, including:


  • Avant ( – stylish, hand-sculpted modern dildos in a variety of artistic forms, each one a unique artisanal toy. Boasting elegant curves and a pleasingly broadhead, all Avant dildos are non-porous, boilable, and easy to clean, and warm up with your body or by running under warm water. Harness compatible and feature a deep, strong suction cup for both solo and couples play.




Staff members, friends, and colleagues were also on hand at the Annual StorErotica Awards Monday night, cheering Blush Novelties Marketing Manager and sex educator Ducky Doolittle on as she received 2018 Brand Ambassador of the Year honors.


Blush Novelties is a company committed to ethics at every level, from manufacturing to retail. By operating its own factory quality control is kept tight and met to an extremely high standard. More importantly, Blush’s factories operate completely different from other oversees factories. How? As Blush COO, Eric Lee explains, “We make over 95% of the products we sell. We find it very difficult to trust another factory to care about our customers and the end user as much as we do.  Our thought process is not about cutting corners.  It’s about how we can make a better product. Therefore, offering more value for our products than our competitors. We do this because we can and take pride in all of our creations.” All products are CE, REACH, Prop65, POP and RoHS compliant, body safe, and phthalate free, putting the material safety of Blush Novelties’ products first and foremost.


On the consumer retail side, Blush Novelties listens and incorporates customer feedback regularly, turning suggestions into reality with a speed rarely seen in pleasure products manufacturing. As Blush COO Eric Lee explains, “For example, if a motor needs to be stronger, or a certain color isn’t doing so well, our New York design team and engineers implement these changes. Packaging and marketing can also evolve alongside the product.”


The attention to consumer feedback, in addition to materials safety, are why Blush has such a wide variety of product offerings; its elite ethically-minded status in global pleasure products manufacturing has also lent Blush to offer its reputation and adherence to product quality through private labeling and OEM projects for other companies.


For more information, visit; the site is a wholesale-only site. Consumers may purchase Blush Novelties’ products at retailers around the world.


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