Blush Releases ‘The Realm’ Collection in Time for 2019 Comic-Con Season

Modern Pleasure Products Manufacturer’s Fantasy-Themed Sword Handle & Dildo Collection Embraced by Sexy Cosplayers & Adult Entertainers


Blush’s newest pleasure product offering is proving a hit amongst cosplayers in time for this year’s slew of comic and fantasy-themed conventions. “The Realm” collection is now available at Blush’s retail partner stores nationwide.

“The Realm personifies just how geeky we are!” says Blush Marketing Director, Ducky DooLittle. “Our office is full of comic-book-loving, movie-fanatical, fantasy-inspired humans. It’s fun for us to see that retailers and consumers are just as geeky as we are. They have swallowed up The Realm and are slaying everything in sight!”

With a sword-shaped handle named Drago any dragon-slayer would envy, The Realm is a versatile pleasure product – with three realistic silicone dildos in addition to a blue fantasy dildo named the Draken, users can customize their sword to accommodate a variety of fantasy bedroom scenarios. The dildos can be used with the compatible Lock On socket mechanism on the sword handle; the Draken attachment can be additionally used in a strap-on harness.

Made of smooth, body-safe silicone, The Realm collection contains no fragrances, phthalates, paraffins, or wax, and comes in a variety of sizes:

Drago Sword Handle:–Drago–Lock-On-Dragon-Sword-Handle–Bronze_p_4345.html

Since The Realm was teased to the market earlier this month, cosplayers, adult entertainers, directors, photographers, and more have flocked to Blush to get their hands on the fantasy product for use both on camera as well as in their private lives.

“The Realm pieces are a great way to add a little extra to a lewd cosplay shoot,” says Blush Marketing Assistant Jessica Dempsey ( “The sword handle is the perfect size, true to what a real sword would be, so it feels great in the hand. The option of having different dildos, especially the abstract blue piece, is really nice! It allows for some unique playfulness that can fit better with whatever the scene is. It’s super easy to create a whole scene around the toy, playing on the fantasy theme and conquering or defeating enemies. Plus, it may even be something cosplayers can get away with bringing to conventions as part of a sexy character that wouldn’t be too explicit or inappropriate.”

The response from fantasy performers has been extremely positive. Says Kassandra Leigh (, “I was leery The Realm line of products were aimed purely for the gimmick. I mean, it was really up my alley! You don’t see much in the way of really stylized roleplay accessories for the bedroom that often. But one adventure and it was clear how well-made they are! Clearly, they’re prepared to endure a full 20 level campaign. I had no problems with the socket-able dong falling off during play – be it fighting lightsaber-style with my friends, or more intimate activities! I was also relieved the product didn’t have any strong toxic scents to it! Overall, I think the company did a magnificent job at offering an adult product that not only could be used for erotica immersive photoshoots, but also stand up to the vigor of at-home personal use.”

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