Brett Rossi Bares Her Heart, Soul and More in New Pictorial, Interview for Twenty6 Magazine

Adult film star Brett Rossi is profiled in a new video interview and nude pictorial photographed by Simon Emmett for fashion & lifestyle magazine Twenty6 Magazine, up now at
In the outdoor-themed ‘Nudes’ photo spread, a meditative Rossi poses in all her glory against an open-air backdrop for photographer Simon Emmett, and sits for an interview discussing her childhood, family, personal aspirations and hard lessons she’s learned in the spotlight these past few years.
“When I hit the celebrity status of being in my industry, it hurt; the people I thought were my friends told stories about me… I couldn’t confide in anyone my secrets, my deepest, darkest secrets, because I was terrified,” reveals Rossi in the three-minute interview.
“People thought I had this princess lifestyle – I lived in a mansion, I was with the world’s most famous individual, I had all the money you could dream of… but to be honest, I was happier broke and a nobody.”
The star adds that while her family has provided a solid support system for her, Rossi says she tends to thrive when faced with negative media attention from her critics.
“I think controversy is the Number One thing that has driven me,” says Rossi. “I can really say, I am not like anybody else when you put me in a box, and it’s really hard to be unique in such a large world.”
Renowned for his celebrity portraits and beauty photography Simon Emmett’s work regularly appears across a broad spectrum of publications such as Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Vogue, Esquire, GQ, Allure and numerous others. Among the long list of famous faces the London based photographer/director has captured  are Adele, Rihanna, Rod Stewart, Cameron Diaz, Michael Caine, Bryan Ferry and Tony Blair.
Find the pictorial ‘Nudes – Brett Rossi’ at and watch her personal interview
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