Brothel Responds to Sex Robot Craze with “Brunette Barbie” Sentient Sex Doll

 Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel located near Las Vegas, Nevada, acutely aware of the growing worldwide popularity of sex robot brothels, has revealed that it has added Sybil Stallone, a porn star that has undergone numerous plastic surgeries that transformed her into a “Brunette Barbie” living sex doll, to its lineup of highly coveted sex workers.
Stallone, a popular porn star with nearly 1.5 million Instagram followers, has invested $500,000 in surgeries, altering her body to become the ultimate living sex machine. Stallone started working at the brothel in late 2018 and she has had considerable success as one of the bordello’s premier courtesans.
“I am literally built for sex,” Stallone said. “In our modern age of virtual reality, teledildonics, and sex robots, sex buyers are constantly looking for a more unique experience. Through my enhancements, I offer my lovers something that transcends human, better than anything you could get with a sex robot or most other women. I’m the best of both worlds – a living sex doll.”
Stallone has undergone significant surgical augmentations in order to transform herself into a sentient sex doll, including a nose job, cheek, chin, and lip fillers, a considerable butt lift, and a whopping boob job that increased her breast size from a D-cup to a G-cup.
“I love myself and I’m thrilled with the choices I’ve made,” Stallone said regarding her surgeries. “I see surgery as an art form, and I use it to transform myself into a sexual masterpiece.”
Stallone said that the response from her clients and fans regarding her transformation has been overwhelmingly positive and that her look helps her in her adult video career.
“My look has also helped my adult entertainment career as a porn star,” Stallone said. “I’m the go-to adult actress when filmmakers are looking for a performer that can play a living doll. It’s a more popular fetish than many may think.”
Stallone said that it takes more that surgery to make her the ultimate sex partner.
“When you combine my physical augmentations with my intense workout regimen, sex-positive attitude, and my years of experience having great sex as a highly successful porn star – there’s just nothing on the market that comes close to what I offer,” Stallone said. “I’m the sex-terminator. No sex robot has a chance.”
As far as how other sex workers feel about Stallone’s choice to use surgery to give her a competitive edge in the ever-evolving sex industry, Allissa, another sex worker at Sheri’s, had this to say.
“Sybil is an empowered woman with the agency to make her own choices. She has the right to be whatever she wants to be – and Sybil has a lot of fans that love her.”
“But if you ask me,” Allissa said. “Sybil’s amazing body isn’t the best thing about her or the thing that makes her fans love her the most. She’s a sweet person with genuine compassion for the people in her life – and no sex robot can offer that.”

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