Cam Sensation Ginger Banks Interviewed in Consequence of Sound “The Actresses That Society Still Treats Like Second-Class Citizens”

 Cam sensation, Evil Angel contract star and sex worker advocate, Ginger Banks was interviewed by online entertainment news magazine, Consequence of Sound, in an article called, “The Actresses That Society Still Treats Like Second-Class Citizens,” about the #MeToo movement spilling over to sex workers who are making the same demands of respect and rights that mainstream Hollywood actresses have been fighting for in 2018.


“On the phone with Banks, I find us still talking long after my questions have run out. We’re joking, as friends might, comparing reasons why we each abandoned chemical engineering degrees and pointing out similarities between her burgeoning brand as an adult-film actress and my efforts at helping to build the CoS name over the last decade,” wrote journalist Matt Melis. “My takeaway from our chat is no different than her message: “Sex workers are people.” If we sincerely take that message to heart, we’ll have finally taken a significant step towards doing away with a stigma that keeps many mothers, sisters, and daughters in harm’s way.”


In the interview, Ginger pointed out how social media has played a big part in humanizing sex workers and bringing them into the mainstream.


“Social media has made it so you can’t push us to the side anymore,” she says. “I mean, they try but we keep coming back,” said Ginger. “Our voices are being heard. If someone talks shit on porn stars, now thousands of people will instantly tweet them and say, ‘That’s a fucked-up thing to say about porn stars.’”


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