Chuy/Chong: The Chorizo Brothers-An Appreciation

Let me start out by offering my apologies and condolences to Esparza family, friends, to Pedro, his family and friends. I’m sorry I’m out of the loop on Social Media and so forth. We live in a society where hard work, dedication and yes talent are taken for granted, everyone is trying to be like somebody,  gotta be trending, gotta get traction, blah blah blah.  I’ve been fortunate in my 30 years of working in the Entertainment Industry to have seen {in some cases work with} many so called “Journalist’s”, {Luke Ford, Mike South {the real one, no disrespect}, Talking Blue, Life without Shame, and on and on. Some are still around, everyone has their own opinion about each perspective outlet, and we can save that discussion for another day. The Chorizo Brothers were like no other, built from the ground up, built thru years of grinding away, anywhere they could speak with anyone, no one was treated special, they treated everyone with the same amount of respect, they learned the craft and understood what journalism is really about, they never tried to become the focus point of the their interviews. They were patient, they listened, they responded, they went off subject when the discussion dictated doing so.

I’ve been thinking about the first time I met The Chorizo brothers, and the last time we had a meeting about a month before Chuy passed at my house. They were getting ready to start work on a new project, and came to me for advice, which surprised me, because they were much more in tuned to what was going on than I was, had a very clear of what they wanted to achieve, and yes, put the concern and welfare of others ahead their own, that was the Chorizo brothers, pure and simple.

Honestly, I can’t remember the first time I met them, yet that, in a way, was indicative of the Chorizo brothers themselves: they were 2 very rare people that were largely not so much ignored, but in my opinion, taken for granted. The Chorizo  Brothers were everywhere, and yet they never made an attempt to stick out, they never complained about where they were placed on a red carpet or set up to do their interviews, {even though, thru years and years of consistent work, were never given the respect they earned as journalist’s because of said work}. They always offered a warm embrace, a smile, words of encouragement, regardless whether they did an interview with you, they were longtime supporters of the Adult community, in many ways that were never reported, discussed or acknowledged and that’s the way they preferred it. They did some things not because it was good for their brand, but because it was the right thing to do as human beings, They had the respect of the community’s they entered, as a result had access to info and people most Millennial’s would die for, yet chose to take the High Road, never repeat, much less post it.

It will be strange going to XRCO or Vice is Nice, AEE and so forth and not seeing Chuy and Chong doing their thing, I learned to respect and appreciate them for the way they did their thing, the way they conducted themselves, no drama, no nonsense, just the Chorizo Brothers, in a day and age when traction supersedes talent and the so called established “Brands” are once again trying to rebrand themselves like someone else yet again. The Chorizo Brothers remind us of what hard work and dedication to their craft can accomplish.

Dominic Acerra






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