Dr. Susan Block to Guest on “In The Spotlight”

Renowned sexologist Doctor Susan Block Will be a guest on “In the Spotlight,” Monday evening, November 16, at 8:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, online at  [https://www.domcon.com].

Doctor Block is founder and and director of The Dr. Susan Block Institute for the Erotic Arts and Sciences. She will be on the show to discuss her views on sexuality, ethical hedonism, love, politics, Femdom, and discuss her past as a steadfast leader of sexual freedom in America.

“In the Spotlight” is a live interview series, hosted by Mistress Cyan and Madame Margherite at Sanctuary LAX Studios. Guests of the show are educators, experts, mentors in the field of sexuality, fetish and BDSM. Recent guests have included bondage expert Jay Wiseman, and Femdom educatrix Tara Indiana.

The show is free Sanctuary private club members, and DomCon Gold Key members. Online tickets are available for non-members. Visit https://domcon.com/events/31615 to RSVP.

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