Dromebox Labs releases episode 4 of the Jack Jimminy Show starring Jayden Lee



Directed by Delilah Soup, the episode stars Nolan Silverstein, Eddie Whitehead Jr, Nikolay Bla, Sally Mullins, Jeremy Paul, Tom Whalen, Silvia Saige and Jayden Lee.

Episode 4 features a behind the scenes glimpse of “Cover My Whore Face” with Gary Gusher and Jayden Lee. Also,a sneak peak into “G-Spot Productions Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Camming” with Silvia Saige.

“Everyone loves a sexy Asian nurse!” explains producer Nolan Silverstein on working with jayden Lee.  Co-star Eddie Whitehead Jr, {who plays Porn Director Eddie Whitesnake} loves working for Dromebox Labs “I look forward to working for Dromebox Labs, being involved in shows like Jack Jimminy is an honor”.”This was my first time being on an actual set today.” Says Jayden Lee, adding: “I popped my cherry today.”

The Jack Jimminy Show was created by The Silverstein Brothers and is produced by DromeBox Laboratories.

Full episodes are available on-demand at www.JackJimminy.com

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