EARLESS Celebrates Successful ‘Integrated Man Summit’ in Miami

Brian Begin, the powerful confidence coach and motivational founder of FEARLESS, has just completed his most successful ‘Integrated Man Summit’ yet, with a record number of new students taking advantage of the virtual learning environment.
Ten coaches, ranging in age from 20s to 60s, brought their knowledge to the three-day event in Miami, offering specialized training using their unique viewpoints on how to create prosperity in all facets of life.
“This event is the most fun one we have of the year, and 2020 was no exception. Where our ‘The FEARLESS Man Live’ seminar is all about learning the FEARLESS principles, the Summit lets us expand the scope on creating your total lifestyle as a man and teach through more stories and perspectives,” said Begin.
“I always want every event we have to keep getting better, so we added time to the day for sections on ‘Revealing’ (emotional releasing and processing) in the mornings and a Coaches’ Round Table in the evenings.”
Instructor Sam Pond explained how he transformed his dating life in his 60s, Anthony Rieux taught from his perspective growing up in Compton, and Mike Konowitz shared lessons from his journey of playing small in life with a physical disability to a dating life many men dream of, while etiquette expert Ana Maria detailed proper decorum for the 21st Century – from business to dating, and from culture to culture.
Relationship Expert Mark Edward Davis discussed masculinity and relationships, international dating and the  97% Relationship Success Formula based on the real statistics and findings from 300+ marriages with less than 3% divorced over 11 years, and Forbes Finance Council Member and Author Jonathan Turner taught about wealth, lifestyle building and balance.
FEARLESS Executive Director Dave Stultz said, “It was very cool to see all these attendees – across the spectrum of age, finances, dating and lifestyle backgrounds not let the rollercoaster that is 2020 stop them from seeking growth and success.
“We threw in recordings of the event for every attendee so our guys in other parts of the world could get the full value out of it even if the timing didn’t work for them. And being in beautiful Miami Beach certainly adds a nice breath of fresh air for our in-person attendees who have been stuck at home… and for our team, too.”
In addition to the Summit, FEARLESS closed out 2020 with a Miami Beach edition of its powerful flagship confidence, connection and dating 2.5 day intensive, The Experience, which was held in Miami Beach, from Dec 11th-13th.


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