Emma Hix is the Naughty Trainee in new Nuru Massage Release

Gamma Entertainment’s Nuru Massage gets greased up with a brand-new release, Naughty Trainee, starring Emma Hix and Skylar Snow, available now exclusively at NuruMassage.com.
Emma is the new Trainee that joins in on a massage session with Skylar and her client Zachary Wild; when Zach notices Emma masturbating, he joins in for his own pleasure, much to Skylar’s horror.
“Are you kidding me? This is a professional establishment! This is NOT allowed!” screams Skylar. Emma looks confused. “Don’t tell me you’ve never fucked a client before… haven’t you ever wanted to?”
The steamy threesome, directed by Billy Visual and produced by Gamma Films’ Head of Production Bree Mills, “takes basic training to a whole new level – the trainee becomes the trainer, with explosive results!” says Mills.
Nuru Massage urges fans submit their fantasies to the site, and members of NuruMassage.com can enjoy such perks as unlimited 1080p HD streaming and downloading, an active online forum community and exclusive behind-the-scenes content.
Find the trailer and full scene of Naughty Trainee at NuruMassage.com/Naughty-Trainee, and find out more about its stars Emma Hix and Skylar Snow at their official Nuru Massage model pages.
For more information visit NuruMassage.com or contact affiliate manager Derrick Gilbert at derrick@famedollars.com.

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