Entrepreneur, author, advisor and global corporate keynote speaker Peter Shankman…

As a kid, Peter Shankman’s ADHD made him miserable. As an adult, it made him a millionaire. Now, he is helping others realize that ADHD is a GIFT, not a curse.
(New York, NY) – Entrepreneur, author, advisor and global corporate keynote speaker Peter Shankman is speaking out about the gift of ADHD, and how people are using this so-called ‘affliction’ to benefit their personal and professional lives.
Shankman has brought Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, which affects millions of people and has been long stigmatized, to the spotlight with his podcast ‘Faster than Normal’ – the Number One ADHD podcast on iTunes – which finds inspiration in ADHD as “the center of your success.”
“I grew up with ADHD, but when I was growing up, ADHD didn’t exist; it was a ‘sit down, you’re disrupting the class’ disease,” explains Shankman. “As such, I had to learn how to do things for myself that would allow me to perform at my best.
Faster Than Normal podcast was born out of Shankman’s belief that there were others out there who were ‘different’ like him – people who were successful BECAUSE of – not in spite of – their ADHD.
“Fast-forward to today: I’ve started and sold three successful companies, including HARO-Help a Reporter Out, and I’ve written five books, three of which are best-sellers. The commonality? My ADHD.”
In two years, Shankman has interviewed nearly 100 guests on his popular podcast, including Tony Robbins, DocuSign founder Keith Krach, JetBlue’s Dave Neeleman and a host of other celebrities, CEOs and regular folks, all of whom are benefitting from their ADHD and believe that ADHD is not a curse, but a blessing.
From this, the best-selling book Faster than Normal was published this past October, “and not a day goes by where I don’t get emails from people thanking me for showing them that they’re not broken,” says Shankman.
“My goal is to tell every five-year-old who’s been told he or she is ‘different’… that different is GOOD! And to see if maybe exercise, instead of a pill, might be the answer… and show adults, children, teachers, CEOs, parents, you name it – that ADHD is a gift. They are not broken; their faster brain is the best thing they could ever ask for!”

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