Erotic Heritage Museum Celebrates 10th Anniversary Saturday, October 13


 The Erotic Heritage Museum will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this Saturday, October 13. Entry to the Museum will be $10 all day, with evening events to entertain guests.


“How does one reflect on decade adequately?” says EHM Executive Director Dr. Victoria Hartmann. “So much has happened, and more is still to come. The EHM has changed and grown alongside this wonderful city; we’ve met phenomenal guests, scholars, and famous folks, collaborated with stellar institutions, and been fortunate enough to continue our work. As Las Vegas’ only Museum to explore the depth of breadth of Erotic Heritage, we are excited to see the next decade unfold and thank everyone who has supported us. There is much more to explore – come and join the celebration, and help us usher in the next 10 years!”


The Museum will be decorated in a “Glam Gore” Halloween theme for the celebration; visitors will enjoy a discounted $10 admission fee all day, and are also invited to participate in the EHM Scavenger Hunt, at any time during Museum hours on Saturday, 11am – 10pm.


From 5-7pm, a blood-red player piano will fill the EHM Lobby with ambient music, as the evening entertainments begin. Guests are invited to peruse the Museum, visit the Lobby Library and Museum Gift Shop, and take photos at the EHM Chapel. A champagne and wine bar will be available for sale; tongue-in-cheek snack bar will also be available, courtesy of local burlesque duo The Roomatez.


From 8–9:30pm, EHM resident show “Puppetry of the Penis” will begin:


Known as the “Australian Art of Genital Origami,” the runaway hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, then played London’s West End, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Montreal’s Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, and launched multiple companies in the United States. “Puppetry of the Penis” has been experienced by more than one million people, including celebrities Hugh Grant, Naomi Campbell, the Beckhams, Bono, Elton John, and many more, in more than 14 countries, as well as on popular shows, including “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” The show has been translated into three languages, had a “how-to” book published, been played non-stop on HBO’s “Real Sex” since 2002, and has had DVD releases throughout the world.


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From 10pm–midnight, EHM’s summer residency, “FreakShow!” returns, one night only, to entertain the late-night crowd:


Popular dark comedic variety show “FreakShow!”, hosted by Tuesday Thomas and Cyrus Naderpour, recently celebrated its third anniversary of sold-out shows in Los Angeles, and its inaugural year touring California and Las Vegas.Tuesday Thomas, known as the “Punk Rock Cher,” spent her young adult life as a gypsy, living and traveling throughout the United States. Her travels and deep experiences allowed her keen insight into the human condition, enabling her to mimic and create characters based on the eclectic people she met. Humor has saved Thomas from many of the perils affecting people with her condition – anxiety and PTSD. As a proud, lifelong outsider, Thomas found her calling and home in knowing that her life and general weirdness brought others laughter; and enabled them to bring out their inner freakiness. Cyrus Naderpour was born in Rome, immigrating to the US when he was two years old. At the age of 24, after receiving his BS in Accounting from the University of Maryland, Naderpour moved to LA for a desk job. However, a snowboarding accident caught him binging on standup specials in an opioid and weed-induced haze, prompting him to abandon his six-figure salary to become a standup comic, when not surfing, training MMA, or wearing onesies in public. “FreakShow!” delivers over a dozen performers per show, ranging from comedians, sideshow performers, and all ranges of fringe entertainment in between.


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To contact the Erotic Heritage Museum, including location rental inquiries, workshop rates, upcoming events, and more, please email EroticMuseumVegas@gmail.comor visit The EHM may also be followed on Twitter at on Facebook at, where an interactive Events Calendar shares all upcoming events and information on how to purchase tickets.

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