Erotic Heritage Museum Presents ‘A Kink In The Cure’ Sunday, June 3

The Erotic Heritage Museum is pleased toannounce it will be hosting a live production of “A Kink In The Cure” this Sunday, June 3. The performance, produced by Lafayette, Colorado-based Radical Intimacy and written, directed, and performed by Tim Murray, explores the question, “Can Kink and BDSM be used intentionally to help and heal people?”


“A Kink in the Cure” is the result of over 10 years of work by Murray, collecting and examining hundreds of stories from people who have, with varying degrees of success, attempted to use BDSM to heal their wounds. Some are stories of success, while others didn’t work out quite so well. In both cases, these are stories of strong and powerful individuals who needed a little help to remember who they are.


Murray, a Therapeutic Kink Practitioner, is a believer in making the world a better place. By day, he spends his time consulting with businesses on cultural and disruptive transformation initiatives, coaching leaders in pursuit of their goals, and mediating conflict in relationships. By night, he advances the evolution of society through supporting local non-profits and engaging with subversive social-change organizations. He carries a degree in Individualized Studies from Goddard College, where he focused on Behavioral Science with an emphasis on the use of BDSM as a tool for healing sexual shame and trauma.


“During my time in BDSM circles, survivors of sexual assault and abuse have asked me to help them regain the power and confidence they felt they lost during their assault,” says creator and author Tim Murray. “I wanted to know how people get through the darkness in their past, and if they might find their path on either end of a whip.”


Tim Murray identifies as queer, polyamorous, switch, puppy, and service top… among other things. He holds a Certificate in Conflict Mediation, a Black Belt in Lean process improvement, and carries an authentic copy of “The One Ring” (just in case).  He has served on the boards of the Seattle Center for Sex Positive Culture and the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.


“A Kink In The Cure” will be at the Erotic Heritage Museum, located at 3275 Sammy Davis Jr Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109, at 4pm on Sunday, June 3, 2018. Doors open at 3:30pm; seating is first come, first choice.


To purchase tickets, visit Tickets are $60; Students with IDs pay $25. Student rush tickets, at $20, will only be available 30 minutes prior to show, when the box office opens.


For more information, visit http://AKinkInTheCure.com Facebook, and FetLife, where a special discount code may be found.


To contact the Erotic Heritage Museum, including location rental inquiries, workshop rates, upcoming events, and more, please email EroticMuseumVegas@gmail.comor visit The EHM may also be followed on Twitter at on Facebook at, where an interactive Events Calendar shares all upcoming events and information on how to purchase tickets.

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