Eve Minax Guests on “In The Spotlight”

Ms. Eve Minax will be the next guest on “In the Spotlight,” hosted by Mistress Cyan and Madame Margherite. The interview show will air, Monday evening, January 11, at 8 p.m. PST, online at DomCon.com [https://www.domcon.com].

Minax, also affectionately known as The Approachable Pervert, is a professional Dominatrix with over 20 years experience and a producer of kinky content. While holding a Master’s degree in French and English literature, with a concentration on Feminist Studies, Minax is also Lead Staff Instructor at the legendary Cleo Dubois Academy of SM Professional Arts. She is a certified Bondassage practitioner and has experience incorporating Tantra into her BDSM arts.

“Most of my adult life has been spent teaching or performing, hence my understanding of how theatrics and personal training converge to create magical reality, is immense,” says Minax. “I was initially drawn to BDSM and kink through my immense curiosity, deep sense of adventure, and a profound drive for clear consent. Immediately, I began to recognize this realm as a excellent resource for self development and healing”

“In The Spotlight” airs live from Sanctuary LAX Studios and is an opportunity to hear from legends in the field of sexuality, fetish and BDSM. This will be the first episode to air on Zoom and to be archived. Those featured are honored educators, experts, and mentors from the international kink community. Recent guests have included bondage instructor Jay Wiseman, Femdom educatrix Tara Indiana, kinky filmmaker Ernest Greene, and sexpert Dr. Susan Block.

The show is free Sanctuary private club members, and DomCon Gold Key members. Online tickets are available for non-members. Visit https://domcon.com/events/32694  to RSVP.

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