$ex $ells: Slixa Explores the Enduring Myth of the Spectacularly-Paid Sex Worker

Top adult entertainment service guide Slixa breaks down the ‘high-end escort swimming in money’ myth in an eye-opening new blog post, “The Truth About Those ‘Highest-Paid Escorts’ Articles – As Told By 3 Top-of-Their-Game Companions”.
The new Slixa blog post ponders the jet-set lifestyle of the sex worker, offering a stark counterpoint to the screaming tabloids: “If an article’s headline begins with ‘you won’t believe…’ or – worse – a dollar amount, you probably oughtn’t believe anything that comes next. And, sadly, it’s almost all to do with websites trying to amp up the ‘wow factor’ to get clicks and shares off the backs of sex workers.”
Professional service providers Chanel Carvahlo, Amy Taylor and Nia Bolde, who are profiled in the article, all agree that there is no average ‘going rate’ for sex work, and the reasons are as vast and varied as the companions who offer their individual services.
“News stories focusing on how much a provider charges tend to go for shock value when broaching the subject because they talk about rates without explaining the economics of escorting,” says Carvahlo in the article.
“There isn’t an “industry standard” among independent escorts and the experiences one has largely depends on how much the escort knows about running a business, their social/economic class, their skin colour, and a myriad of other factors.”
“A lot of people conflate high end and high paid,” adds Bolde.  “To me, a high-end provider is one who provides a consistently excellent experience to their clients. “Looks alone will not yield long-term success,” adds Taylor. “To do well over time, one also has to be intelligent, reliable, honest and have a great personality.”
For Taylor, the ‘rich escort living the high life’ narrative makes for great headlines, but these days privacy, legal and safety issues outweigh any amount of cash flow. “As US laws become increasingly draconian and put providers and directories at greater risk, it makes little sense that anyone would be running around publicly flaunting how much money they earn from their work.”
“In my experience, the industry has required us to have an increasingly intimate public presence at precisely the time when it is most dangerous for us to do so,” says Bolde. “Every month it seems like the walls close in a little bit more on our right to even exist in public spaces.”
“We’re all different, and other stories should be told more often,” says Taylor. “What about the companion who funds great art? Raises her children? Contributes to society in other ways? All the wonderful stories that could be told if we weren’t forced to be closeted, in order to survive.”
Read the full Slixa.com blog article at Slixa.com/blog/experience/the-truth-about-worlds-highest-paid-escorts. To learn more about Slixa visit Slixa.comTwitter.com/Slixa and Instagram.com/Slixa.

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