FEARLESS’ Brian Begin Interviewed in New York Post Feature

 Brian Begin is the subject of a just-released New York Post feature profile, ‘Masculinity Guru Wants Guys to Stop Being So Nice to Women’, online now at NYPost.com.
The inspirational founder of FEARLESS who, along with co-founder Dave Stultz, guides men to greatness with a series of coaching seminars, books and online articles, explains how masculinity has laid dormant in many modern men for years, hindering well-rounded development.
“For people to want to be sexual with each other you need polarity,” says Begin. “Most men and women today have become almost competitive for each other’s masculine and feminine and no one’s taking a polarizing role.”’
A student of Begin’s, Brian Elam, told the New York Post he “learned a lot about what makes masculinity and what makes confidence … and the seminar taught me a lot about where my insecurities truly lie.”
Begin adds that men who become FEARLESS embrace their personal worth, inner strength and virility while holding back on being so nice and people-pleasing towards women they like.
“If you love yourself as a man, and you love your masculine and your feminine as a man, then the world will receive you and the perfect woman will show up.”
Read the full article at nypost.com/masculinity-guru-wants-guys-to-stop-being-so-nice-to-women. Watch New York Post’s feature video of Brian Begin and FEARLESS here.
For more information about becoming FEARLESS with Brian Begin and Dave Stultz, visit www.thefearlessman.com.

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