FEARLESS Digs Deep into Self-Actualization with Total Transformation Weeklong Program in L.A.

 Men’s success and empowerment community FEARLESS announces that its weeklong intensive, ‘Releasing/Feeling & Movement’ is set for November 14-19 in Los Angeles.
FEARLESS founder Brian Begin will host the six-day workshop that combines FEARLESS’ two deepest fields of study: ‘releasing’ – letting go of limiting emotions and beliefs, and ‘feeling & movement’ – a deeper introspective focus and awareness of and relationship with the body, masculinity, and emotions.
“The thing I always go back to is that if you don’t have what you want in life, or aren’t rapidly moving toward it, it’s because you have an emotional block that you’re afraid to face,” says Begin. “That’s what this weeklong is all about – honing in on those blocks in each area of your life… letting go of all the limiting stories, beliefs, and excuses you have about yourself and life.
“It’s different than ‘positive thinking’, which often just pushes down how you really feel and lets those things fester. It’s going through a process of facing, walking through and truly letting go of your BS… and it’s about getting out of your analytical mind and more in touch with your gut, your body and your emotions.”
Just ahead of the holiday season that often dredges up uncomfortable emotions and feelings, the ‘Releasing/Feeling & Movement’ weeklong is the most comprehensive and all-around transformative weeklong the company offers in terms of addressing all areas of life and who each client is as a man.
FEARLESS co-founder Dave Stultz adds that “either of these modalities – feeling & movement or releasing – can start to change guy’s entire personalities crazy quickly… and we pepper a little bit of both of them into almost all the programs we teach, but when they’re combined and focused on for a whole week with just 10 guys in the room? You’re talking about a new man coming out of the week.
“When someone learns to get out of their head and into deep connection with their body and emotions, it changes how they carry themselves, their entire vibe, how they connect with everyone around them, and how they feel as a man. And when they learn to truly, at a deep level, let go of all their baggage, limiting beliefs and excuses, you just watch how a million pounds of rocks has been taken off their shoulders… they’re so much more alive, more confident, and ready to really get after their biggest goals and past their biggest challenges.”
To find out more about the ‘Releasing/Feeling & Movement’ weeklong intensive, visit https://www.thefearlessman.com/events. Interested individuals can chat directly with a team member on the website or call 323-452-2906
For more information about becoming FEARLESS with Brian Begin and Dave Stultz, visit www.thefearlessman.com.

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