FEARLESS Founder Explains How to Confidently Connect with Women in Four-Part Series

Brian Begin, founder the FEARLESS community of men and website thefearlessman.com, is showing men how to effectively connect and communicate with women with a new four-part video series, ‘How to Make a Connection with a Woman’.
In Part 1 of the series, Begin demonstrates – with the help of FEARLESS model Lillia, the simple steps that men can easily acquire – from changing a mindset, using eye contact, vocal tonality and pacing and creating a comfortable personal presence around women.
“I wanted to really show men why the most common concerns – ‘What do I do I say to her? What do I talk to her about when I finally get her out on a date?’ – don’t really matter,” said Begin. “Emotions are transferrable, and women are so in tune with emotions… so it’s all about how you’re genuinely feeling inside underneath the words.
“Becoming aware of that stuff and making little adjustments in what you’re focused on – your attraction and curiosity for the women in front of you rather than worrying about what to say, for example – can change the whole dynamic you create with a woman. So that’s what Lillia and I demo in depth in this video, along with how the little changes make all the difference.”
Begin’s video demonstrates why worrying about what to say to women is missing the point, and what being confident and connected with a woman looks like. Even the smallest shifts in personal awareness and body language can affect comfort and attraction levels while in a woman’s presence.
FEARLESS co-founder Dave Stultz added that “the model work we do at events is one of the most powerful parts of our courses, and most of our clients don’t get that until they experience it, so having Brian and Lillia do a video series together is invaluable.
“And just like the model work at our live events, we didn’t tell Lillia what to say or how to act. We always want our models to just be themselves and be loyal to how they’re really feeling so that guys are just interacting with another normal human being.”
To view Part One of Brian Begin’s Fearless video ‘How to Make a Connection with a Woman’, visit thefearlessman.com/how-to-make-a-connection-with-a-woman.
For more information about becoming FEARLESS with Brian Begin and Dave Stultz, visitwww.thefearlessman.com.

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