FEARLESS Looks Forward to First-Ever ‘Masculine Self-Love’ Seminar July 11-12

 After taking its flagship ‘The FEARLESS Man Live’ two-day seminar online for the first time in June, Brian Begin and FEARLESS are offering a ‘Masculine Self-Love’ edition July 11 & 12, available with both in-person and virtual attendance.
Begin will host what he calls a “straight-forward, practical and actionable step-by-step process to overcome a lack of self-love” from the FEARLESS home base of Los Angeles, emphasizing why self-love is crucial in building healthy relationships and showing how to accelerate personal growth while eradicating self-sabotage for good.
“A lot of people think that self-love is this ‘woo-woo’ idea, and that’s especially true for men… and it can be pretty New Age-y and weird, depending on how it’s taught and practiced,” says Begin. “But really, people who are truly happy and successful, or who have a great dating and relationship life that fulfills them – the key comes down to self-love.”
Begin adds that “self-love is really at the core of everything we teach, so I wanted to create a low-cost event that focuses specifically on how to love yourself while simultaneously embracing your masculinity.”
‘The FEARLESS Man Live – Masculine Self-Love Edition’ will explore how lack of self-love holds men back from their desires, and focus on guided releasing (emotional processing, strength-building, and healing) using the Revealing Process, designed to identify limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors – and eliminate them.
“A really masculine, grounded man who deeply loves and feels good about himself with a high self-worth, is deadly attractive to women and magnetic to men, and he can connect with everyone at a deeper level and with more emotional clarity,” adds FEARLESS Executive Director Dave Stultz.
“We are so excited to make this event available at a low cost, and both to guys who want to learn in-person in Los Angeles, as well as those who can’t or don’t want to travel right now.”
Tickets are limited: $299 for Virtual Attendance, $399 for on-site general admission and $894 for VIP admission. Visit go2.thefearlessman.com/masculine-selflove to reserve seating now.
Go to thefearlessman.com to learn more about becoming FEARLESS with Brian Begin and Dave Stultz.

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