FEARLESS Opens 3-Day ‘Focused Meditation’ Workshop to Public December 8-10

FEARLESS, the men’s success site owned by personal development instructors Brian Begin and Dave Stultz, is set to host its first-ever ‘Focused Meditation’ workshop that’s open to the general public, in Los AngelesDecember 8-10, 2017.
“Taking action in life is critical, but if you’re not taking action on something you want, there’s an internal reason for it,” said Begin. “Maybe you don’t really want it, but often it’s actually that there’s some kind of pain, fear or other emotion that’s overpowering your desire to take the action.”
The three-day guided intensive, previously only available to established FEARLESS clients, will offer comprehensive, advanced courses to both men and women, helping them identify, dive into and process – then let go of the emotions, insecurities or past traumas that are hindering their personal and professional growth.
“I absolutely love this work because it’s shifted my own life so much and I’ve seen how it can help our clients transform themselves and make their goals happen,” said Begin. “These three days really let me dive deep with everyone in the room, help them unlock and let go of deep down emotional crap that’s not serving them, and give them a skillset they can use and continue to develop for themselves for the rest of their lives.”
The sessions offer FEARLESS’ most powerful, deep-seated work that digs deep, as clients get in touch with what’s holding them back, while discovering useful tools they can continue to use in their daily lives.
“This focused meditative work is where the real gold is, and it’s a big part of what separates us from a lot of other coaches in the personal development space,” said Stultz. “The small-group nature of our intensive makes it so personalized and hands-on.
“It’s just astounding to see how our clients’ entire presence will change with this work… and they will suddenly be more free, confident, and taking action with renewed energy.”
Stultz and Begin launched TheFearlessMan.com in 2013 as an educational tool to strengthen men’s personal power within themselves using video feedback, deep connection work, presence and body consciousness building, core belief, thought, philosophy restructuring and real-world exercises to build confidence in students that builds long-term successful behavior.
For more details about FEARLESS’ ‘Focused Meditation’ L.A. workshop contact dave@thefearlessman.com.

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