FEARLESS Success Coach Dave Stultz Profiled in Men’s Lifestyle Site MEL

 Dave Stultz, co-founder of men’s success site TheFearlessMan.com, is interviewed in an inspiring new article for MEL Magazine, ‘I’m a Men’s Lifestyle Coach’.
“We’re living in a world of nice guys. It’s my job to help men embody the core of what it is to be masculine and to kill the Nice Guy Syndrome,” begins Stultz in the editorial, as told to MEL’S Andrew Fiouzi.
Stultz explains that “the work we do (with Stultz’s partner, Fearless co-founder Brian Begin) to establish a new form of masculinity goes across the board… when I say the ‘core of what it is to be masculine’, I mean a high emotional intelligence and the awareness of where his energy sits inside his body.”
According to the FEARLESS way of life, Stultz believes that men need to recognize their fear and anger issues and learn to manage and move past them, rather than hold on and repress feelings that can become dangerous over time. Unfortunately, says Stultz, not all men are self-aware – or personally resilient – enough to seek out assistance.
“Honestly, I applaud any man for being vulnerable enough to say, ‘I need help’ or ‘I’m going to do something, even if it’s not right the first time,’” says Stultz. “Men shouldn’t interpret self-improvement and being coached as, ‘I’m broken’. Instead, they should see it as having an upper hand — a faster way to get to where they want to go.”
Stultz and Begin launched TheFearlessMan as an educational tool to strengthen men’s personal power within themselves using video feedback, deep connection work, presence and body consciousness building, core belief, thought, philosophy restructuring and real-world exercises to build confidence in students that builds long-term successful behavior.
To read the full article, go to melmagazine.com/im-a-men-s-lifestyle-coach or learn more about being FEARLESS at www.thefearlessman.com.

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