Gia Paige is a Troubled Teen Between Two Brothers in Pure Taboo’s Is Everything OK?

 Gia Paige finds herself away from home and at the mercy of two horny brothers in her newest scene for Pure Taboo,Is Everything OK?, available exclusively at
Paige, who marks her DP debut in this scene, conceived the storyline and wrote the script about a troubled teen from a broken, abusive home who goes to live with childhood friends (Seth Gamble and Small Hands), two brothers who still live at home with their mom (Reagan Foxx, in a non-sex role).
The young woman finds the brothers’ kindness comforting at first, but their collective gaze soon turns sinister: “You’ve been giving me signs all week… all you do is play games, is that what you’re about?” asks Seth, confronting Gia alongside his brother.
Gia is hurt and confused by their actions. “You guys are supposed to be my family!”, but Seth is undeterred. “Stop playing the victim already… it’s ok, we understand… no one ever loved you, but we do! We understand why you need the attention…”
Directed by Bree Mills, Is Everything OK? “takes viewers on a familiar journey of finding comfort among so-called friends that begs the question, ‘Who can you really trust in this world?
“Many people have friends and family that they can depend on,” said Mills. “Gia’s story explores the other side of that coin… people who have nowhere to go, with no one to help them, and they’re lost and at the mercy of others. It can be a scary place.”
The trailer and full feature are online at Go to’s official cast page to find out more about Is Everything OK? star Gia Paige.
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