Ginger Banks Donates Entire Video Collection to Four Wheels One Whore Fundraiser for Willy Rider

Cam sensation and adult star Ginger Banks has donated her entire video collection for five lucky people for the Four Wheels One Whore Fundraiser benefitting Willy Rider, a charity created by fellow sex worker Sonia von Sacher.


“I’m absolutely thrilled to donate five copies of my entire video collection to Sonia’s raffle for Willy,” says Ginger. “She’s an inspiration for using her platform to help another person in this way.”


Sonia von Sacher writes in her fundraiser website


Willy Rider is a 43-year-old disabled sweetheart who has muscular dystrophy. He is the funniest and most positive person that I know. He has been fighting for more than 20 years to maintain his independence and to keep receiving quality home care services despite the government’s efforts to put him in an elder care facility.

The funds raised will be used for his subsistence: rent, equipment, food, medical expenses, and, of course, the support staff for feeding, hygiene, night supervision, etc. Willy’s cost of living is about $100,000 per year.


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