Habibi Body’s Shahada Karim Indulges in the Art of Self-Care

 Wellness entrepreneur Shahada Karim is passionate about mastering the art of sustainable self-care, and is sharing her most resourceful ideas in order to achieve long-term inner and outer personal fulfillment.
The health advocate, who emphasizes the idea of self-care on the banner of her HabibiBody.com website, says that “the idea has become such a buzzword that people think ‘self-care’ is either locking yourself in a room for five minutes away from your kids, or booking an island getaway. In my opinion, it’s neither of those things.”
Karim believes the entire concept of self-care starts with the individual. “Self-care manifests differently for different people, but it begins with the same source… consciousness.” Karim says that the conscious act of caring for yourself is what makes the mundane extraordinary.
“I think that consciousness is the difference between self-care and simply going through the motions… experiencing the moment as it happens is necessary for self-care. Bathing is such a treat for me. Yes… the everyday regular shower is an entire experience for me.”
Karim says that approach does away with the notion that you have to spend lots of money or do something Instagram-worthy to experience self-care. “People often forget the ‘self’ part in self-care. In the end, it’s about how well you take care of you. And you shouldn’t have to wait for a special occasion to experience it.”
To learn more about Shahada Karim and Habibi Bath & Body wellness, visit HabibiBody.com!
HABIBI also offers athletic gear and fitness/nutrition tips at sister site HabibiBodySport.com.


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