Habibi Sport Offers Tips to Combat Winter Skin Blues

Shahada Karim, the wellness influencer behind Habibi Body/Habibi Sport, is passionate about skin, and with cooler temperatures on the horizon she says it’s time to adapt to skincare routines that fit the season.
“Skin health has always been a huge deal for me, and Habibi Body is centered around bringing our largest organ to its optimum state,” says Karim. “Skin can become very dry and irritated in the Autumn and Winter months, even if you don’t live in a traditionally cold climate.”
During this time, she recommends boosting hydration in both cleansers and moisturizers for both face and body care products. “Often people believe that a product has to be heavy or creamy or oily to be hydrating, and that’s simply not true. It really comes down to ingredients.”
Karim suggests paying special attention to healing ingredients such as aloe, and proven hydrating ingredients like shea butter and hyaluronic acid. “We need to be as diligent with skin care products as we are with food – so many products contain more fillers than effective ingredients… read the labels of everything you are thinking about putting on your body.
“Make sure you can pronounce every ingredient, and that you have some understanding of what the ingredient’s function is in the formulation. You shouldn’t have to be chemist to understand why a product may be good or bad for your skin.”
To learn more about Shahada Karim and Habibi, visit HabibiBodySport.com.

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