HardArt’s Hypersexuals a Success!

HardArt’s Hypersexuals completed and the Brass digs it! First time director Sally Forth comes out smelling like a rose after the honchos at Hard Art screen her just completed effort, Hypersexuals.

COO Jeff Sharp chuckles, “There was never any doubt with Sally, wink wink, but seriously, you don’t know till ya know. You roll the die and hope for the best, and this time we hit. Hypersexual is a cool little show especially for a first timer. Very cool vibe and ALL genatellia was very wet thoughout. I checked twice.” [sic]

“I don’t know what the big deal was honestly,” Sally Forth said by email, “…it was a remarkably smooth shoot. Jeff gets bent out of shape because of the second-unit stuff, and I told them all about it beforehand.” Forth admits she may have reached too deep in her bag of tricks right out of the gate with the unconventional structure on this one.

When asked about her immediate plans, Forth says, “Lots of sleep in my own bed. I was sleeping on that zebra sofa at Top Sound for the better part of the last 5 days.” Pressed about her next project, Sally refers me to Sharp and signs off.

As this PR is being written Hypersexuals’ first review is coming in; Last sentence: “Palpable hardcore, exciting filming, Hypersexuals shows there’s more than one way to tell a sex story.”

Retailers contact Pulse Distribution to order Hypersexuals at Hyland@PulseDistribution.com by email and phone at 818-435-1615.

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