Harriet Sugarcookie Explores the Rise of Erectile Dysfunction Meds as Party Pills

Harriet Sugarcookie has just posted a new article on her men’s lifestyle siteSugarcookie.com, “Young Men are Risking Their Health for Stronger Erections”, describing the rampant abuse of erectile dysfunction medication.
“A lot of young men now consider ED pills as another party drug for the list. Go out, get wasted, have rock hard sex,” writes Sugarcookie. “Some use them to tackle side effects from other drugs, such as ecstasy, which often have the negative side effect of short-circuiting your natural systems.”
Sugarcookie polled her online members about the pills and found that while about half the men (more frequent users) obtained the pills with a doctor’s prescription, the other half bought them online or through drug dealers to use sporadically.
“It seems the long-lasting erection with quick reload times is appealing to young guys who want to live that ‘rock ‘n roll’ sex lifestyle,” but Sugarcookie warns that for those who get the pills without a doctor’s supervision, “there are a lot of health risks… there are no checks in place to make sure the pills are legitimate or safe.
“It’s also uncertain how the drugs will react if you’re using them in conjunction to other recreational drugs, and it’s almost impossible to know what combinations of substances you are taking.”
38% of those polled also admitted to feeling mild side effects from taking the drug… including headaches, nasal congestion and blue vision. “In more serious cases it can cause your blood pressure to drop, making you pass out. There have also been cases where it induces a stroke.”
Long-term use of ED pills “can cause actual erectile dysfunction in men who hadn’t previously suffered from it before taking the pills… our advice is to only take ED drugs if you have erectile dysfunction or they are prescribed by a doctor.
“Is a stronger erection now worth the health risks or not being able to have an erection at all when you’re older?”
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