Harriet Sugarcookie Introduces New Weekly Column ‘Ask a Domme’ with Verity Strict

Professional Dominatrix Ropes in BDSM Enthusiasts with Instructional Q&A Format
 Harriet Sugarcookie, creator of the UK’s leading men’s adult lifestyle site HarrietSugarcookie.com, unleashes a provocative new weekly advice column for the BDSM set: ‘Ask a Domme’, with sage guidance from professional dominatrix Verity Strict.
Strict, according to Sugarcookie, “will navigate you through the mysterious world of kink, help you with your relationship problems and be there to answer any questions you’ve always wanted to throw at a real-life femdom.”
The new column, in which Strict answers a handful of questions from curious men about the world of kink and fetish, has already launched with two Q & A features, “What if I Forget the Safeword’ and “Is it Cheating to See A Dominatrix?” and Sugarcookie’s fans are already hooked.
To submit questions to ‘Ask a Domme’, answered personally by Strict, use the contact form or tweet Verity or Harriet with the hashtag #AskaDomme.
HarrietSugarcookie.com, ‘Porn for Geeks’, has become one of the UK’s leading adult websites – regularly topping over 300,000 monthly visitors – mixing the British adult entertainer’s articles about pop culture, sex, sci-fi/fantasy films, fashion, advice, food and sports alongside amateur XXX video clips and free live cam shows.
To see more of Verity Strict visit XXXpanded TV in the UK or XXXpanded.com outside the UK. Follow Verity on social media at her Instagram and Twitter pages.
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