hey Know What Boys Like: Stripchat Models Expose What Men Really Want from Women

The hottest models of Stripchat are revealing their on camera ‘specialties’ that bring in the most tips – as well as shedding light on what men are most attracted to when they’re paying for personal attention.
The striptease-themed website asked their top entertainers about their specialty ‘personas’ and how they turn on their clients, and the answers were varied, but enlightening:
ClaraXJoy said that in her experience, men like to keep it ‘real’: “My persona is ‘Girl Next Door’, and it fits me like a glove! I am very easy to talk to and to be with… the one that understands all the issues any member might have; I am always in a good mood and you don’t ever see me sad! I am told that my laugh is so joyful that it makes them forget their troubles for a while.”
For Kim Ventura, “This might sound crazy, but I sing to them… it’s my go-to trick, and who would have thought that you can make money without a voice coach. It came natural, I love singing!”
CyndyXLove is a firm believer in the personal touch: “I started to actually talk to my members instead of typing, and the communication took a whole different direction.”
Sara Winston added that “As a cam girl you learn more about yourself, about your body. In my opinion, you will end up a composite of a psychologist and a fashion model. My approach to work is the following: I’m a glamour girl who provides entertainment. I do a lot of “kitty play”. I wear a cat ear headband and cat make-up. They love it! Plus it comes very natural, because I love cats.”
For Stripchat model Iris Blues, “My expertise being a cam model is to make people happy; if I am able to make them detach from the daily routine – even for a hour – then my mission is complete. I love giving people happy moments and nice memories… I specialize in being natural, while doing my best to keep everyone happy.”
Isabella Etthan agrees, saying “It is no secret that my specialty is to be natural… I easily adapt to any situation and this never fails. It helps me out to take the best out of my online time and of me as a cam model. Being engaged with your job would transform you like that and you will always feel that you can do anything that comes through your mind. I am a Cam Model. What is your super-power?”
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