Hot Hookup Site Mixxxer Touts Superior Privacy Features over Leading Dating Apps

Mixxxer is reminding its 1.5 million users looking for an intimate encounter that their online security is the company’s top priority, and that their personal data and private message exchanges are also under lock and key.
In the wake of privacy breaches and general safety concerns, the adults-only hookup site is reinforcing its stance on confidentiality concerns, reiterating that its members’ information is not being compromised or sold to data mining companies.
“You don’t have to download Mixxxer, so you’re not sharing your data with the app stores,” said Mixxxer founder Michael Manes. “Since you access Mixxxer through your web browser, we are not gathering information from your phone like most apps do. We are as private as it gets.”
Users of the most popular dating/hookup apps – particularly those who used Facebook to log in – were horrified to learn recently that their personal info was potentially threatened, and are understandably angry and wary of signing up for these services.
“Mixxxer users don’t have to link their social media accounts to their dating profile. That’s just ridiculous! We want our customers to feel safe so that they can explore their sexuality in comfort.
“Our members are also able to easily erase all traces of their activity from their phones within a few seconds by simply hitting the ‘Clear History’ button in their browser. Try that with Tinder!”
The free GPS-enabled web app – premium membership is available with upgraded features – has enjoyed a spike in Mixxxer signups due to the company’s much tougher stance on personal privacy.
Mixxxer boasts special operating features such as a ‘shower door’ privacy filter and unrestricted adults-only photo messaging and online posting to meet up with other swingers and sexually-daring thrill seekers.
“Personally, I would never use a mobile dating app if there was even a slight chance of my private information or online behavior leaking out,” said Manes. “And I don’t think Facebook can ever guarantee that won’t happen.
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