IsMyGirl Premieres New Online Blog, Highlights Model Success Stories and Women’s Empowerment, a premier social site catering to top models, influencers and their fans, introduces The IsMyGirl Blog (, an open community for models to share their empowerment, experiences, and their personal stories.
The blog officially kicked off with a post from Ms. Icy, who is not only an IsMyGirl model but the compay’s in-house blogger and model community manager. Ms. Icy is part of the team that oversees the member-based platform, who explained to fans that “empowering fellow women in my life is one of my biggest passions.”
Blog posts include short video clips of models sharing their IsMyGirl success stories and offering tips on how to transform their brands and social media following into an independent business on the IsMyGirl network, monetize content, and maximize revenue to achieve long-term goals and financial freedom.
IsMyGirl delivers a variety of ways to connect with subscribers – built with next-gen technology as a social web app, models are armed with eight individual revenue streams that they can use to monetize their work.  Models are able to share exclusive photos and videos, private direct message, and use the two-way ‘fan cam’ for the ultimate up-close & personal experience. Models can use IsMyGirl to subscribe fans to their premium snapchat, receive tips and much more. The company also offers secure billing, on-time payments and promotional/advertising partnerships with thousands of models and millions of fans worldwide who utilize the network daily – collecting 70% of all revenue earned on the site – to directly monetize their brands to over 40 million social media followers the company actively markets to.
“With IsMyGirl, we have created a safe online space for women to generate income by simply building their personal brand – and their fan base – through exclusive content and private one-on-one interactions in an unrestricted, judgment-free setting,” said company co-founder Evan Seinfeld, who launched the member-based network with executives from Quadra Media (Inked Magazine) and live streaming giant
“The blog was launched as a means to spotlight IsMyGirl models so fans are able to know them better, and other models can gain insight and inspiration on how to build an independent business on this easy-to-use platform. We are simply creating a culture of support, a place for models to construct their own financial fate. We believe in inclusion for all body types, age groups, preference and more. As far as how well IsMyGirl models can do and how much money they can make – from what we’re hearing so far, the sky is the limit.”

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