Jessa Rhodes: Mile High Hottie

Super Star Jessa Rhodes star of “My Father’s Girlfriend” from Sweet Sinner Studio takes place  weeks after moving to LA, AJ finds herself going home with the aging celebrity musician, Tommy Gunn,
only to discover that she has genuine feelings for his unknown, but talented, singer/songwriter son,
Adam. Sensing this connection, Tommy sweeps AJ up in a whirlwind romance, giving her a taste of the charms
that fame can provide. In an effort to dampen her feelings for Adam, AJ sets him up with her friend, Jessa,
who is also drawn to Tommy, and his fame. These women fan the flames of the father-son rivalry. Adam is trying
to make it as a musician without his father’s help, while Tommy is jealous of his son’s talent and youth. These
conflicts come to a head when Tommy’s ex, Sara, tempts him back into old habits. AJ is left to choose between
staying with a troubled rock legend or taking a chance with her boyfriend’s son.

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