EMMMEDIA/EMMREPORT release short Film on the “Let Us Survive” March

EMMMEDIA@emmreport has released a short film chronicling this past week end’s “Let will Survive: March.

The film was Produced by the EMMREPORT and EMMMEDIA, Directed by Dominic Acerra, Principle photography and all Post Production were a collaboration between Dominic Acerra and Sherman Wayez. Post Production facilities were provided by Arminta Street Studios.

The “Let Us Survive” short is the first of several short films and documentaries coming from EMMMEDIA in association with EMMREPORT@emmreport.

As part of a national movement to rally attention to bias and discrimination against sex workers, marches for International Whore’s Day were held on Saturday, June 2 in Los Angeles, New York, DC, Chicago, the Bay Area, Austin, and Las Vegas.

The march brought together sex workers, sex worker rights advocates, civil rights advocates, freedom of speech advocates, members of the ACLU, the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, Sex Workers Outreach Project, Free Speech Coalition and many others in an effort to combat bias, discrimination and hate toward sex workers and others who face discrimination.

Sex workers can be adult film stars, dominatrixes, strippers, escorts, madams, exotic dancers, webcam models, phone sex operators, and many other workers who engage in consensual sex work.

Presented by Survivors Against SESTA, the International Whore’s Day March is dedicated to raise awareness and support for sex workers and others facing bias, discrimination and hate. The march each year brings together sex workers, sex worker rights advocates, civil rights advocates, freedom of speech advocates and many others in solidarity with sex workers seeking change and a better future. Held in Los Angeles, New York, the Bay Area, DC, Austin, Chicago and Las Vegas, the march has grown each year to gain greater awareness and activism on behalf of sex workers. For more information about the International Whore’s Day March and other issues affecting sex workers, visit SurvivorsAgainstSESTA.org/.

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