Lisa Ann is the LeBron James of the Adult Industry Proclaims the Fired Up! Podcast

Adult industry icon Lisa Ann is featured in the current episode of the Fired Up! podcast, hosted Alex Weber and Matt Ritter and fans may catch the episode here .


“We are proud to have Lisa Ann premiere season 2 of Fired Up! It really came out great,” says host Matt Ritter. “We titled it “Lisa Ann: The Lebron James of the Adult Film Industry!” because that’s what she is to us.”


“I really enjoyed being a part of this podcast “Fired Up!” I know this will be some interesting and powerful listening for my fans,” says Lisa Ann.


Fired Up! interviews individuals who have risen from extreme turmoil to succeed at the highest levels. You will hear their stories of grit and determination as they walk you through what it took them to become top performers in their fields. This week’s episode is with Lisa Ann who went from the adult film industry to the fantasy football guru covered, why it’s important to plan your own demise, the importance of limiting your goals and making short lists, accepting failure is what brings you to your next win and so much more.


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